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Follow Agility approach to deliver efficient results.

Agile development methodology provides opportunities to assess the direction of a project throughout the development lifecycle. This helps us in building the right product. We empower our team through agile method to continuously plan their release, allowing them to be as competitive as possible in the marketplace.

We apply Scrum, XP, Kanaban and other methodologies to provide continuous improvement, flexibility, and deliver results with high quality. During the whole cycle, where each iteration cycle varies from 1 to 3 weeks, we encourage user involvement, providing visibility & transparency, showing the actual progress of projects. We are relied on an iterative and incremental approach and are flexible for changing requirements.

We envision and plan according to the requirements. Then we go for the construction process and incrementally build a consumable solution. Later, we release it to the consumers. Agile helps us in delivering potentially shippable product increment and addressing customer’s needs.

We follow the following chain in delivering best results at a faster rate:

Define requirements – Build iteration plan – Daily brainstorming and meetings – Deliver potentially deployable functionality

1. Evaluation of processes and current structure of the company. Mapping processes to determine the starting point.

2. Optimize a process with a right combination of technologies.

3. We choose technologies and review options with client. The client is part of the project from the very beginning and feedback is vital.

4. Application construction and implementation. Weekly delivery of developments for the end user to operate and request for changes.

5. Evaluation and Monitoring to make sure that the process is working as agreed.

This approach helps in the following way:

Eliminating the chances of project failure.

Proper implementation and success of the project.

Less time consumption and more efficiency resulting in faster ROI.

Delivering customer’s satisfaction and engagement.

Fixing quality and cost.

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